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Excel Analytics: Linear Regression Analysis in MS Excel

Course Details: Linear Regression analysis in Excel. Analytics in Excel includes regression analysis, Goal seek and What-if analysis

How to Hack WiFi Networks for Beginners

Course Details: Learn how to Hack WiFi Networks (WEP, WPA, WPA2).

How to Create a Secure Website With WordPress

Course Details: Learn to Create and Protect your WordPress Website From Hackers

Python Fundamentals Course

Course Details: Learn to become a professional Python Programmer! Hours of lectures and problems, excellent for beginners!

Deep Learning with Keras and Tensorflow in Python and R

Course Details: Understand Deep Learning and build Neural Networks using TensorFlow 2.0 and Keras in Python and R

Master Arduino without coding

Course Details: Learn how to use Arduino and Scratch4Arduino to control devices like motors and LEDs and make real time projects.

Marketing Success With The Power of Social Media Stories

Course Details: Stories provide a great ROI in terms of the time and effort they require and the benefits they offer.

Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

Course Details: Learn Highly Futuristic Digital Marketing Technologies with Artificial Intelligence

Ultimate Angular Course – Learn Angular Practically

Course Details: Comprehensive Angular course to teach you some of the essential basics from scratch. Practical videos added!

The Node.js Course [May 2020 Edition]

Course Details: Start as a complete beginner and go all the way to learn and understand node.js from scratch.

SEO Training 2020 : Complete SEO Guide For Beginners

Course Details: Rank Your Site #1 on Google and Become a SEO Expert . A Step By Step Journey From Beginner To Advanced Level.

Sell Photo Online: Beginners Guide Stock Photography

Course Details: Absolute Beginners Guide for stock photography, how to sell photo online, earn from your photos

Learn how to make Practical PLC project with interfacing

Course Details: Become 0 To Hero of Practical based PLC project with interfacing of components

Practical Java Course: Zero to One

Course Details: Would you like to work as a Java Developer? In this course you can learn Java easily with a lot of practical examples

Creating powerful API’s with Django Rest Framework on Heroku

Course Details: Learn how to create powerful API’s with Django 2.1 and Django Rest Framework 3 deploying on Heroku

Guide to Success: The most effective principles of success

Course Details: Guide to Success: The most effective principles of success. these are the principles used by most of the top people

Microsoft Excel – Learn MS EXCEL For DATA Analysis

Course Details: Excel: learn how Excel can be used for data analysis by creating excel project-excel app-other excel tools

Power BI Parameters, Templates & Row-Level Security

Course Details: Customize and personalize your reporting to suit your audience.

The Art of Multitasking

Course Details: Discover the secrets of successfully handling multiple projects / businesses, and building multiple stream of income

Emotional Intelligence 2 – Confidence and Career Mastery

Course Details: Peak Performance on Demand

Sales Skills Training: Give a Winning Sales Presentation

Course Details: Stronger Sales Skills to Help You Win More Business

Media Training Public Speaking Training for Candidates

Course Details: Media Training Public Speaking: political candidates can earn votes giving great campaign speeches and media interviews



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